Rebuild, Repair or New?

We at UltraThin realize that new ribbons and medals can be an expensive proposition with the number of decorations that individuals receive and the frequency of new awards. Even with our reasonable prices these changes can amount to a fair amount of cash outlay over the period of a few months.

Because of this we offer, where possible, the ability to modify or repair current ribbon and medal sets. Obviously there are times when this is just impossible due to the age or condition of the set.

If you receive additional awards of a ribbon currently in your set we can update the devices in almost every case.
For device and/or attachment additions to current set:
# new
# new attachments Svc charge
per set
#of Sets Return
@ $.60 @ $.75
Select how many new devices or attachments you need on your current set, indicate the number of sets and return postage. Enclose the calculated amount either with a check, money order, or credit card, expiration date and CCV number. Send the ribbons and payment to us we will update and return them the day after they are received at our office.

The ability and cost effectiveness to add a ribbon or ribbons your set depends on a few factors.

  • Is the current set in good condition?
  • How many ribbons are in the current set?
  • Beginning from the lowest precedence and counting upward, which position will the new ribbon hold?
The position of the new ribbon in the set is counted from the lower right corner as you look at the ribbons and counting left and up. In this example then new ribbon is in position 9

# Ribbons in current set
# Ribbons in rebuilt set
# Devices in current set
# Devices in rebuilt set
# Attachments in current set
# Attachments in rebuilt set
Position the lowest new
ribbon will take
Number of sets to rebuild
Cost to send your set to us
Return shipping cost
Cost to purchase and ship one set of replacement ribbons
Cost to rebuild one set
minus shipping costs
Cost to purchase the same number of sets as you are rebuilding
Cost to rebuild and ship the set/sets with your new award
If you find it advantageous and wish to have us rebuild your set(s), enclose detailed directions for what you would like us to do, then securely package and send to us at the address on our contacts page. (The ribbon being added and all ribbons above it in the current set will need to be replaced. All devices and attachments will be reused.)

For Large or Miniature Medal Sets

Because of separate rows and varying costs of medals, please call or email us for a price quote so that we may give you the best possible price. We will need to know:

  • Branch of Service
  • Large or Miniature
  • Male or Female
  • How many medals currently
  • How many rows
  • Position from bottom of the new medal
  • Will you provide new medal or purchase from us
  • What return shipping method you will use
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